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Sitting in a 1970-71 Mercury Cyclone and noticing people look at your car is one of the best feeling in the world.



Welcome To My Home Page

When I was seventeen (in 1972) I got my driver's license just like most young kids do. I had the license now, how I was going to get a car was beyond me. Little did I know that my stepfather had some plans of his own. Out of the blue one day, a few weeks after I had my license he called me outside, handed me a set of car keys, told me to get in and go for a ride with him to see how well I drove.

We drove a couple of miles through town and begun to tell me the car was mine. (of course I didn't believe it) The car was two years old, red just like the one you see here. Yes it was a 1970 Mercury Cyclone, 351 Cleveland, center console, instrument package in dash board, air conditioner and front spoiler.

My stepfather past away a few years ago now but he still lives in my memories. My stepfather was always good to me and I will always be grateful for allowing me to be free as a bird in my Mercury Cyclone.


If you have any information on upcoming 70-71 Mercury Cyclone car show send the details to post it. 



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This is a great looking car!
If you have pictures of your Mercury Cyclone Email them to me to post them.

My aim is to have the largest collection of Mercury Cyclones photos in the world for everyone to see.


Tell Us Your Story!
Email me your story of how you got your Mercury Cyclone. Happy, sad, good or bad times you experienced with your Mercury Cyclone.
I will publish it on my website.

Also I'm planning to form a 1970-71 Mercury Cyclone Club in the near future to meet at least once a year and share stories and meet each other. Just email me to keep you informed.

Songs that were playing when the 1970 Cyclone went on sale

This is my project car
I searched the web for a 1970 Cyclone for months without any luck. Some were destroyed, 

some had no engine or transmission, and many were too expensive to justify fixing them. 

Then out of the blue I saw an add in a message board from a men in Valley, Alabama.

He had bought the car but did not have the time to fix it.

I made arrangements to go see the car in Alabama

and to my surprise the car was in very good shape for a car that is 32 years old (2002).

He originally wanted $3,000.00 but we finally agreed on $1,500.00. 

When I made my arrangements to see the car I had a two way ticket to return,

but I decided to take the car there and then. I rented a Uhaul truck in one town and a car

transporter in another town. I drove for about 50 miles looking for this things. 

I had the money wired to me, pickup the car and was on my way home to New Jersey.

I left Alabama at 7:30 PM on a Wednesday and I arrived home at 5:30 PM on Thursday.

It took me 22 hour with only 4 hours of sleep. (if you can call it sleep) 

My point to this story is that if you want to find a car you like you are going to

have to see it in person, pictures don't tell the whole story.




Cyclone Montego Torino Registry

It would be very helpful if you could register your Mercury Cyclone at this site.                                                                                                         Robert Day is keeping track of how many Cyclones are still left. Check his site out